Horror Sound Effects: Suspense, Crying, Scary

Horror sound, suspense, crying, shocking music, scary effects, 3d crazy sounds

Horror Sound Effects mobile app provides terrific horror sound effects.
Sound Categories:
??   Gun Fire in Crowd Sound
??   Witch Laugh Sound
??   Tornadosiren Sound
??   Women Crazy Screams Sound
??   Evillaugh Sound
??   Alienroar Sound
??   Flying Saucer Alarm
??   Foot Steps Sound
??   Door Sound
??   Zombies Sound
??   Buzzsaw Sound
??   Radiotuning Sound
??   Trainhitsguy Sound
??   Godzilla Roar Sound
??   Riff Phased Drops Sound
??   Brains Sound
??   Riff Horror Piano Sound
??   Riff dramatic Piano Sound
??   Inside a Flying Saucer Sound
??   Heart Rate Monitor Sound
??   Insane Laughter Reverb Sound
??   Ghost lyeerie Sound
??   Time Bomb Sound
??   Woman Psycho Scream Sound
??   Demon Girl Mummy Sound
??   Evil Words Sound
??   Alien Eating a Human Sound
??   Male Loud Scream Sound
??   Monster Scream Sound
??   Demonic Whispers Sound
??   Old Door Sound
??   Loud Scream Sound
??   I Will Kill You Sound
??   Riff tonalad ventures Sound
??   Ghost Scream Sound
??   Thunder Sound
??   Leave Message Sound
??   Evil Laughts Sound
??   Girls Singing Creepy Sound
??   Hangar Scream Sound
??   Group Scream Sound
??   Clock Midnight Sound
??   UFO Music Sound
??   Wolves Sound
??   Heartbeat Sound

App Features:
?   Offline Support Feature: Once you open a Card/Message then you can check out the same later without using your internet connection.

?   Repeat Track Time Control Feature: User can set time for repeat same track to create a special horror effect.

?   Set Ringtone Feature: User can set audio track as Ringtone, Alarm Tone or Notification tone in mobile.

?   Share Option: User can easily share audio link to their friends to doanload app and enjoy same track.

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