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Convert characters to ASCII codes effortlessly with our Char to ASCII Converter. Ideal for character encodings and programming, ensuring accurate conversions.

Char to ASCII

Char (Character):A char, short for "character," is a data type used in programming languages to represent a single character, such as a letter, digit, or symbol. Each char is typically encoded using a specific character encoding standard like ASCII or Unicode.

Char Example:An example of a char is the letter 'A'.

ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange):ASCII is a character encoding standard that assigns numeric codes to represent characters, including letters, digits, punctuation, and control characters. Each character in ASCII is represented by a unique numerical value.

ASCII Example:An example of ASCII is the letter 'A', which has the decimal ASCII code 65.

Conversion Process: Char to ASCII

  1. Identify the Char: Obtain the char for which you want to find the ASCII code.
  2. Find the ASCII Code: Refer to the ASCII table to find the decimal ASCII code corresponding to the char.

Example: Convert Char 'H' to ASCII

Char: 'H'

ASCII Table Lookup:
The ASCII code for 'H' is 72.

Therefore, the ASCII representation of the char 'H' is 72.

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