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Octal to Hex

Octal Number:An octal number is a base-eight numeral system that uses digits from 0 to 7. Each digit in an octal number represents a power of 8, starting from the rightmost digit representing 8^0, then 8^1, 8^2, and so on.

Octal Number Example:An example of an octal number is 345. Here, 3 is in the 512s place (8^2), 4 is in the 64s place (8^1), and 5 is in the 8s place (8^0).

Hexadecimal (Hex) Number:Hexadecimal is a base-sixteen numeral system that uses sixteen symbols: 0-9 and A-F, where A represents 10, B represents 11, and so on up to F representing 15. It's commonly used in computing for representing binary-coded values in a more compact form.

Hexadecimal Number Example:An example of a hexadecimal number is 2F8A. Each digit in a hexadecimal number represents a power of 16, with the rightmost digit representing 16^0, the next representing 16^1, and so on.

Conversion Process: Octal to Hexadecimal

  1. Convert Octal to Binary: Convert each octal digit to its binary equivalent.
  2. Group Binary Digits in Sets of Four: Group the binary digits obtained in step 1 in sets of four from right to left. If the last group has fewer than four digits, add zeros to the left to make it four digits.
  3. Convert Each Group to Hexadecimal: Convert each four-digit binary group to its hexadecimal equivalent.
  4. Combine Hexadecimal Digits: Combine the hexadecimal digits obtained from each group to form the final hexadecimal number.

Example: Convert Octal 345 to Hexadecimal

Octal Number: 345

  1. Convert Each Octal Digit to Binary:
    3 (011 in binary)
    4 (100 in binary)
    5 (101 in binary)

  2. Group Binary Digits in Sets of Four:
    011 100 101

  3. Convert Each Group to Hexadecimal:
    011 (3 in hex)
    100 (4 in hex)
    101 (5 in hex)

  4. Combine Hexadecimal Digits:

Therefore, the hexadecimal representation of the octal number 345 is 345.

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