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Concentration - Molar Unit Converter


A concentration - molar unit converter is a tool used to convert between different units of molar concentration, which measures the amount of substance present per unit volume. Molar concentration is a fundamental parameter in chemistry, biochemistry, and various scientific and engineering disciplines where the quantification of substances in solutions or mixtures is essential for analysis and experimentation.


  1. Mol/cubic meter [mol/m³]
  2. Mol/liter [mol/L]
  3. Mol/cubic centimeter [mol/cm³]
  4. Mol/cubic millimeter [mol/mm³]
  5. Kilomol/cubic meter [kmol/m³]
  6. Kilomol/liter [kmol/L]
  7. Kilomol/cubic centimeter [kmol/cm³]
  8. Kilomol/cubic millimeter [kmol/mm³]
  9. Millimol/cubic meter [mmol/m³]
  10. Millimol/liter [mmol/L]
  11. Millimol/cubic centimeter [mmol/cm³]
  12. Millimol/cubic millimeter [mmol/mm³]


Molar concentration (c) is calculated using the formula:

c=nVc = \frac{n}{V}


  • cc = Molar concentration (in the desired unit)
  • nn = Amount of substance (in moles)
  • VV = Volume of solution (in cubic meters, liters, cubic centimeters, etc.)

How to Convert:

To convert between different units of molar concentration, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the unit you have and the unit you want to convert to.
  2. Determine the conversion factor between the two units. This factor may involve simple multiplication or division.
  3. Multiply or divide the molar concentration value by the conversion factor to obtain the equivalent value in the desired unit.


  1. Conversion from Mol/liter to Kilomol/cubic meter:Conversion Factor: 1 kilomole = 10310^3 moles, 1 liter = 10310^{-3} cubic meters1mol/L=103103kmol/m31 \, \text{mol/L} = \frac{10^3}{10^{-3}} \, \text{kmol/m}^3

  2. Conversion from Kilomol/cubic millimeter to Millimol/liter:Conversion Factor: 1 kilomole = 10610^6 millimoles, 1 milliliter = 10610^6 cubic millimeters1kmol/mm3=106106mmol/L1 \, \text{kmol/mm}^3 = \frac{10^6}{10^6} \, \text{mmol/L}

  3. Conversion from Mol/cubic centimeter to Kilomol/liter:Conversion Factor: 1 kilomole = 10610^6 moles, 1 liter = 10310^3 cubic centimeters1mol/cm3=106×103103kmol/L1 \, \text{mol/cm}^3 = \frac{10^{-6} \times 10^3}{10^3} \, \text{kmol/L}

By following these steps, you can accurately convert between various units of molar concentration, enabling efficient analysis and communication in chemistry and related disciplines.

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