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Simplify magnetic flux conversions. Convert between webers (Wb), milliwebers (mWb), and microwebers (μWb) effortlessly.


Description: Magnetic Flux Unit Converter

The Magnetic Flux Unit Converter is a tool designed to facilitate the conversion between various units used to measure magnetic flux. Magnetic flux is a measure of the quantity of magnetism (magnetic field) passing through a surface. This converter allows users to seamlessly switch between different units of magnetic flux, aiding in calculations and comparisons in fields such as electromagnetism, electrical engineering, and physics.

Formula:Magnetic flux (ΦΦ) is the product of magnetic field (BB) and the area (AA) through which the magnetic field passes:Φ=B×AΦ = B \times AWhere:

  • ΦΦ is the magnetic flux (in webers, Wb),
  • BB is the magnetic field (in teslas, T), and
  • AA is the area (in square meters, m2m^2).

How to Convert:To convert between different units of magnetic flux, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Initial and Target Units: Identify the unit you have and the unit you want to convert to.

  2. Find Conversion Factors: Use conversion factors to convert between units. These conversion factors are based on the relationships between the units.

  3. Apply the Conversion Factor: Multiply the value you want to convert by the appropriate conversion factor. If you're converting from larger units to smaller units, you'll multiply. If you're converting from smaller units to larger units, you'll divide.

  4. Perform the Calculation: Apply the conversion factor to the value you want to convert to get the equivalent value in the desired unit.

Units Explanation:

  1. Weber [Wb]: Magnetic flux expressed in webers, the standard SI unit used to measure magnetic flux.
  2. Milliweber [mWb]: Magnetic flux expressed in milliwebers, equal to one-thousandth of a weber.
  3. Microweber [µWb]: Magnetic flux expressed in microwebers, equal to one-millionth of a weber.
  4. Volt Second [V*s]: Magnetic flux expressed in volt-seconds, where one volt-second corresponds to the magnetic flux generated when one volt is applied to a circuit for one second.
  5. Unit Pole: Magnetic flux expressed in unit poles, a concept used in electromagnetism to represent the magnetic flux associated with a unit magnetic pole.
  6. Megaline: Magnetic flux expressed in megalines, a unit used to represent large amounts of magnetic flux.
  7. Kiloline: Magnetic flux expressed in kilolines, equal to one thousand megalines.
  8. Line: Magnetic flux expressed in lines, a unit used in older electromagnetic theories to represent magnetic flux.
  9. Maxwell [Mx]: Magnetic flux expressed in maxwells, another unit used to measure magnetic flux.
  10. Tesla Square Meter [T*m^2]: Magnetic flux expressed in tesla-square meters, where one tesla-square meter represents the magnetic flux density of one tesla over an area of one square meter.
  11. Tesla Square Centimeter: Magnetic flux expressed in tesla-square centimeters, equal to one ten-thousandth of a tesla-square meter.
  12. Gauss Square Centimeter: Magnetic flux expressed in gauss-square centimeters, where one gauss-square centimeter equals 0.0001 tesla-square meters.
  13. Magnetic Flux Quantum: The magnetic flux quantum (Φ0Φ_0) is a fundamental physical constant representing the quantum of magnetic flux. It is approximately equal to 2.067×10152.067 × 10^{-15} webers.

Understanding these units and the conversion process allows for precise measurement and manipulation of magnetic flux across different scales and applications.


  1. Conversion from Weber [Wb] to Microweber [µWb]:1Wb=1000000µWb1\, \text{Wb} = 1000000\, \text{µWb}To convert 0.5 webers to microwebers:0.5Wb×1000000=500000µWb0.5\, \text{Wb} \times 1000000 = 500000\, \text{µWb}

  2. Conversion from Tesla Square Meter [T*m^2] to Weber [Wb]:1T*m2=1Wb1\, \text{T*m}^2 = 1\, \text{Wb}To convert 10 tesla-square meters to webers:10T*m2=10Wb10\, \text{T*m}^2 = 10\, \text{Wb}

By following these steps and using appropriate conversion factors, magnetic flux values can be accurately converted between different units.

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