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Description: Prefixes Unit Converter

The Prefixes Unit Converter is a versatile tool designed to facilitate conversions between different SI (International System of Units) prefixes. These prefixes are used to denote multiples or fractions of base units, allowing for convenient representation of values across various orders of magnitude. This converter simplifies the process of converting between different prefixes, aiding in calculations and data representation in scientific and engineering contexts.

Units Explanation:

  1. None: This represents the base unit without any prefix, often used as a reference point for conversions.

  2. Yotta [Y]: Denotes a factor of 102410^{24} (1 followed by 24 zeros).

  3. Zetta [Z]: Denotes a factor of 102110^{21} (1 followed by 21 zeros).

  4. Exa [E]: Denotes a factor of 101810^{18} (1 followed by 18 zeros).

  5. Peta [P]: Denotes a factor of 101510^{15} (1 followed by 15 zeros).

  6. Tera [T]: Denotes a factor of 101210^{12} (1 followed by 12 zeros).

  7. Giga [G]: Denotes a factor of 10910^{9} (1 followed by 9 zeros).

  8. Mega [M]: Denotes a factor of 10610^{6} (1 followed by 6 zeros).

  9. Kilo [k]: Denotes a factor of 10310^{3} (1 followed by 3 zeros).

  10. Hecto [h]: Denotes a factor of 10210^{2} (1 followed by 2 zeros).

  11. Deka [da]: Denotes a factor of 10110^{1} (1 followed by 1 zero).

  12. Deci [d]: Denotes a factor of 10110^{-1} (0.1).

  13. Centi [c]: Denotes a factor of 10210^{-2} (0.01).

  14. Milli [m]: Denotes a factor of 10310^{-3} (0.001).

  15. Micro [µ]: Denotes a factor of 10610^{-6} (0.000001).

  16. Nano [n]: Denotes a factor of 10910^{-9} (0.000000001).

  17. Pico [p]: Denotes a factor of 101210^{-12} (0.000000000001).

  18. Femto [f]: Denotes a factor of 101510^{-15} (0.000000000000001).

  19. Atto [a]: Denotes a factor of 101810^{-18} (0.000000000000000001).

  20. Zepto [z]: Denotes a factor of 102110^{-21} (0.000000000000000000001).

  21. Yocto [y]: Denotes a factor of 102410^{-24} (0.000000000000000000000001).


No specific formula is needed for converting between different SI prefixes. The conversion involves simply shifting the decimal point to the right or left based on the desired prefix.

How to Convert:

  1. Identify the Initial and Target Prefixes: Determine the prefix of the value you have and the prefix you want to convert to.

  2. Determine the Conversion Factor: Understand the factor by which the decimal point needs to be shifted to achieve the desired conversion.

  3. Perform the Calculation: Multiply or divide the value you want to convert by the appropriate conversion factor. Moving the decimal point to the right increases the magnitude, while moving it to the left decreases the magnitude.


  1. Conversion from Kilometers to Meters:1kilometer=1000meters1\, \text{kilometer} = 1000\, \text{meters}

To convert 3 kilometers to meters:3kilometers×1000=3000meters3\, \text{kilometers} \times 1000 = 3000\, \text{meters}

  1. Conversion from Milliseconds to Seconds:1millisecond=0.001seconds1\, \text{millisecond} = 0.001\, \text{seconds}

To convert 500 milliseconds to seconds:500milliseconds×0.001=0.5seconds500\, \text{milliseconds} \times 0.001 = 0.5\, \text{seconds}

By following these steps and using the appropriate conversion factors, values can be accurately converted between different SI prefixes.

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