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Simplify radiation activity conversions. Convert between becquerels (Bq), curies (Ci), and counts per minute (CPM) effortlessly.


Description: Radiation-Activity Unit Converter

The Radiation-Activity Unit Converter is a tool used for converting different units of radioactivity or radiation activity. This tool is particularly useful in fields such as nuclear physics, medicine (e.g., nuclear medicine), environmental monitoring, and radiological protection. It simplifies the process of converting between various units of radiation activity, facilitating accurate data interpretation and analysis.

Units Explanation:

  1. Becquerel [Bq]: The SI unit of radioactivity, representing one disintegration per second.

  2. Terabecquerel [TBq]: Equal to 101210^{12} becquerels.

  3. Gigabecquerel [GBq]: Equal to 10910^{9} becquerels.

  4. Megabecquerel [MBq]: Equal to 10610^{6} becquerels.

  5. Kilobecquerel [kBq]: Equal to 10310^{3} becquerels.

  6. Millibecquerel [mBq]: Equal to 10310^{-3} becquerels.

  7. Curie [Ci]: A non-SI unit of radioactivity, approximately equal to the activity of 1 gram of radium-226. 1Ci=3.7×10101\, \text{Ci} = 3.7 \times 10^{10} becquerels.

  8. Kilocurie [kCi]: Equal to 10310^{3} curies.

  9. Millicurie [mCi]: Equal to 10310^{-3} curies.

  10. Microcurie [µCi]: Equal to 10610^{-6} curies.

  11. Nanocurie [nCi]: Equal to 10910^{-9} curies.

  12. Picocurie [pCi]: Equal to 101210^{-12} curies.

  13. Rutherford: A unit used to measure radioactive decay rates, equal to 10610^6 disintegrations per second.

  14. One/second [1/s]: Represents one disintegration per second, equivalent to one becquerel.

  15. Disintegrations/second: Another term for becquerels, representing the number of disintegrations occurring per second.

  16. Disintegrations/minute: Represents the number of disintegrations occurring per minute.


No specific formula is required for conversion between different units of radiation activity. The conversions involve straightforward multiplication or division based on the conversion factors between the units.

How to Convert:

  1. Identify the Initial and Target Units: Determine the unit of the value you have and the unit you want to convert to.

  2. Determine the Conversion Factor: Understand the relationship between the units and determine the appropriate conversion factor.

  3. Perform the Calculation: Multiply or divide the value you want to convert by the conversion factor.


  1. Conversion from Becquerels to Curie:1Bq=2.703×1011Ci1\, \text{Bq} = 2.703 \times 10^{-11}\, \text{Ci}

To convert 500 becquerels to curies:500Bq×(2.703×1011)=1.3515×108Ci500\, \text{Bq} \times (2.703 \times 10^{-11}) = 1.3515 \times 10^{-8}\, \text{Ci}

  1. Conversion from Millicuries to Becquerels:1mCi=3.7×106Bq1\, \text{mCi} = 3.7 \times 10^{6}\, \text{Bq}

To convert 2 millicuries to becquerels:2mCi×(3.7×106)=7.4×106Bq2\, \text{mCi} \times (3.7 \times 10^{6}) = 7.4 \times 10^{6}\, \text{Bq}

By following these steps and using the appropriate conversion factors, accurate conversions between different units of radiation activity can be performed.

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