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Description: Sound Unit Converter

The Sound Unit Converter is a tool designed to facilitate the conversion between various units used to measure sound intensity and level. This converter allows users to seamlessly switch between different units of sound measurement, aiding in calculations and comparisons in fields such as acoustics, audio engineering, and noise control.

Units Explanation:

  1. Bel [B]: The bel is a unit used to express the logarithmic ratio of a sound's intensity to a reference level. It is rarely used directly but serves as the base unit for the decibel.

  2. Decibel [dB]: The decibel is the most commonly used unit for expressing sound level. It is one-tenth of a bel and is defined as ten times the logarithm of the ratio of a sound's intensity to a reference intensity level. It provides a more manageable scale for representing a wide range of sound levels.

  3. Neper [Np]: The neper is another unit for expressing logarithmic ratios, particularly in the context of electromagnetic signals. While less common in sound measurement, it operates similarly to the decibel.


The formula for converting sound intensity ratios to decibels is:

LdB=10×log10(II0)L_{\text{dB}} = 10 \times \log_{10}\left(\frac{I}{I_0}\right)


  • LdBL_{\text{dB}} is the sound level in decibels (dB)
  • II is the intensity of the sound
  • I0I_0 is the reference intensity level

How to Convert:

To convert between different units of sound intensity and level, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the Initial and Target Units: Determine the unit you have and the unit you want to convert to.

  2. Find Conversion Factors: Use the appropriate conversion factors for the specific units involved. For example, 1 bel is equal to 10 decibels.

  3. Apply the Conversion Factor: Multiply or divide the value you want to convert by the appropriate conversion factor.

  4. Perform the Calculation: Apply the conversion factor to the value you want to convert to get the equivalent value in the desired unit.


  1. Conversion from Decibel [dB] to Bel [B]:1B=10dB1\, \text{B} = 10\, \text{dB}

To convert 60 decibels to bels:60dB÷10=6B60\, \text{dB} \div 10 = 6\, \text{B}

  1. Conversion from Neper [Np] to Decibel [dB]:1Np=8.686dB1\, \text{Np} = 8.686\, \text{dB}

To convert 20 nepers to decibels:20Np×8.686=173.72dB20\, \text{Np} \times 8.686 = 173.72\, \text{dB}

By following these steps and using appropriate conversion factors, sound intensity and level values can be accurately converted between different units.

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