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Description: Typography Unit Converter

The Typography Unit Converter is a tool designed to assist in converting various units commonly used in typography and typesetting. These units are essential for defining text sizes, spacing, and layout in digital and print media. This converter helps designers, publishers, and typesetters work seamlessly across different measurement systems.

Units Explanation:

  1. Twip: Stands for "twentieth of a point," a unit commonly used in digital typography, especially in word processing and desktop publishing software.

  2. Meter [m]: The SI unit of length.

  3. Centimeter [cm]: Equal to one hundredth of a meter.

  4. Millimeter [mm]: Equal to one thousandth of a meter.

  5. Character (X): Represents the width of a character in a specific font.

  6. Character (Y): Represents the height of a character in a specific font.

  7. Pixel (X): Represents the width of a pixel on a digital display.

  8. Pixel (Y): Represents the height of a pixel on a digital display.

  9. Inch [in]: Equal to 2.54 centimeters.

  10. Pica (Computer): A typographic unit used in digital media, equivalent to 1/72 of an inch.

  11. Pica (Printer's): A typographic unit used in print media, equivalent to 1/6 of an inch or 12 points.

  12. PostScript Point: A typographic unit commonly used in desktop publishing and digital typography, equal to 1/72 of an inch.

  13. Point (Computer): Equivalent to 1/72 of an inch, commonly used in digital typography.

  14. Point (Printer's): Equal to 1/72.27 of an inch, commonly used in print typography.

  15. En: A typographic unit representing half the width of an em space.


Converting between typography units involves simple multiplication or division based on the conversion factors between the units.

How to Convert:

  1. Identify the Initial and Target Units: Determine the unit of typography you have and the unit you want to convert to.

  2. Determine the Conversion Factor: Understand the relationship between the units and determine the appropriate conversion factor.

  3. Perform the Calculation: Multiply or divide the value you want to convert by the conversion factor.


  1. Conversion from Twip to Pixel (X):1Twip=0.05Pixel (X)1\, \text{Twip} = 0.05\, \text{Pixel (X)}

To convert 200 twips to pixels:200Twips×0.05=10Pixels (X)200\, \text{Twips} \times 0.05 = 10\, \text{Pixels (X)}

  1. Conversion from Inch to Millimeter:1Inch=25.4Millimeters1\, \text{Inch} = 25.4\, \text{Millimeters}

To convert 2 inches to millimeters:2Inches×25.4=50.8Millimeters2\, \text{Inches} \times 25.4 = 50.8\, \text{Millimeters}

By following these steps and using the appropriate conversion factors, accurate conversions between different typography units can be performed.

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