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Viscosity - Dynamic Unit Converter


A viscosity - dynamic unit converter is a tool designed to convert between different units of dynamic viscosity, which measures the resistance of a fluid to flow under an applied force or stress. Dynamic viscosity is a fundamental property of fluids and is crucial in various fields such as fluid mechanics, chemical engineering, and material science, where the behavior of fluids is analyzed and characterized.


  1. Pascal second [Pa*s]
  2. Kilogram-force second/square meter
  3. Newton second/square meter
  4. Millinewton second/square meter
  5. Dyne second/square centimeter
  6. Poise [P]
  7. Exapoise [EP]
  8. Petapoise [PP]
  9. Terapoise [TP]
  10. Gigapoise [GP]
  11. Megapoise [MP]
  12. Kilopoise [kP]
  13. Hectopoise [hP]
  14. Dekapoise [daP]
  15. Decipoise [dP]
  16. Centipoise [cP]
  17. Millipoise [mP]
  18. Micropoise [µP]
  19. Nanopoise [nP]
  20. Picopoise [pP]
  21. Femtopoise [fP]
  22. Attopoise [aP]
  23. Pound-force second/square inch
  24. Pound-force second/square foot
  25. Poundal second/square foot
  26. Gram/centimeter/second
  27. Slug/foot/second
  28. Pound/foot/second
  29. Pound/foot/hour [lb/(ft*h)]


Dynamic viscosity (η\eta) is calculated using various formulas depending on the units used. For example:

  1. For converting between Pascal second and Poise:1Pa*s=10Poise1 \, \text{Pa*s} = 10 \, \text{Poise}

  2. For converting between Pound/foot/second and Poundal second/square foot:1lb/(ft*s)=32.174Poundal second/square foot1 \, \text{lb/(ft*s)} = 32.174 \, \text{Poundal second/square foot}

How to Convert:

To convert between different units of dynamic viscosity, follow these steps:

  1. Identify the unit you have and the unit you want to convert to.
  2. Determine the conversion factor between the two units. This factor may involve simple multiplication or division.
  3. Multiply or divide the dynamic viscosity value by the conversion factor to obtain the equivalent value in the desired unit.


  1. Conversion from Pascal second to Centipoise:Conversion Factor: 1 Pascal second = 10 Centipoise1Pa*s=10cP1 \, \text{Pa*s} = 10 \, \text{cP}

  2. Conversion from Pound/foot/second to Poundal second/square foot:Conversion Factor: 1 Pound/foot/second = 32.174 Poundal second/square foot1lb/(ft*s)=32.174lb*ft/s21 \, \text{lb/(ft*s)} = 32.174 \, \text{lb*ft/s}^2

  3. Conversion from Poise to Pascal second:Conversion Factor: 1 Poise = 0.1 Pascal second1P=0.1Pa*s1 \, \text{P} = 0.1 \, \text{Pa*s}

By following these steps, you can accurately convert between various units of dynamic viscosity, facilitating analysis and communication in applications where fluid behavior is critical.

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