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Description: Viscosity - Kinematic Unit Converter

The Viscosity - Kinematic Unit Converter is a versatile tool designed to facilitate the seamless conversion between various units used to measure kinematic viscosity. Kinematic viscosity is a fundamental property of fluids that quantifies their resistance to flow under the influence of gravity. This converter enables users to efficiently work with different scales of viscosity, making it invaluable in fields such as fluid dynamics, engineering, and chemistry.

Formula:Kinematic viscosity (ν\nu) is calculated using the formula:ν=Dynamic viscosity (μ)Density (ρ)\nu = \frac{\text{Dynamic viscosity (}\mu\text{)}}{\text{Density (}\rho\text{)}}

How to Convert:To convert between different units of kinematic viscosity, follow these steps:

  1. Determine the Initial and Target Units: Identify the unit you have and the unit you want to convert to.

  2. Find Conversion Factors: Use conversion factors to convert between units. These conversion factors are based on the relationships between the units.

  3. Apply the Conversion Factor: Multiply the value you want to convert by the appropriate conversion factor. If you're converting from larger units to smaller units, you'll multiply. If you're converting from smaller units to larger units, you'll divide.

  4. Perform the Calculation: Apply the conversion factor to the value you want to convert to get the equivalent value in the desired unit.

Units Explanation:

  1. Square Meter/Second (m²/s): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square meters per second.

  2. Square Meter/Hour (m²/h): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square meters per hour.

  3. Square Centimeter/Second (cm²/s): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square centimeters per second.

  4. Square Millimeter/Second (mm²/s): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square millimeters per second.

  5. Square Foot/Second (ft²/s): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square feet per second.

  6. Square Foot/Hour (ft²/h): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square feet per hour.

  7. Square Inch/Second (in²/s): Kinematic viscosity expressed in square inches per second.

  8. Stokes (St): A fundamental unit of kinematic viscosity in the centimeter-gram-second (CGS) system.

  9. Exastokes (ESt): Equal to 101810^{18} stokes.

  10. Petastokes (PSt): Equal to 101510^{15} stokes.

  11. Terastokes (TSt): Equal to 101210^{12} stokes.

  12. Gigastokes (GSt): Equal to 10910^{9} stokes.

  13. Megastokes (MSt): Equal to 10610^{6} stokes.

  14. Kilostokes (kSt): Equal to 10310^{3} stokes.

  15. Hectostokes (hSt): Equal to 10210^{2} stokes.

  16. Dekastokes (daSt): Equal to 1010 stokes.

  17. Decistokes (dSt): Equal to 0.10.1 stokes.

  18. Centistokes (cSt): Equal to 0.010.01 stokes.

  19. Millistokes (mSt): Equal to 0.0010.001 stokes.

  20. Microstokes (µSt): Equal to 10610^{-6} stokes.

  21. Nanostokes (nSt): Equal to 10910^{-9} stokes.

  22. Picostokes (pSt): Equal to 101210^{-12} stokes.

  23. Femtostokes (fSt): Equal to 101510^{-15} stokes.

  24. Attostokes (aSt): Equal to 101810^{-18} stokes.

Understanding these units and the conversion process allows for precise measurement and manipulation of kinematic viscosity across various scales and applications.


  1. Conversion from Square Meter/Second (m²/s) to Centistokes (cSt):1m2/s=104cSt1\,m²/s = 10^4\,cStSo, to convert 2 m²/s to centistokes:2m2/s×104=20,000cSt2\,m²/s \times 10^4 = 20,000\,cSt

  2. Conversion from Square Inch/Second (in²/s) to Square Meter/Second (m²/s):1in2/s=0.00064516m2/s1\,in²/s = 0.00064516\,m²/sTo convert 10 in²/s to square meter/second:10in2/s×0.00064516=0.0064516m2/s10\,in²/s \times 0.00064516 = 0.0064516\,m²/s

By following these steps and using appropriate conversion factors, kinematic viscosity values can be accurately converted between different units.

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